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kyeopta-chii SAID:
hi I'm using a few of your icons for my network icons. thanks! ^^

u’re welcome honey! thanks also and hope u enjoy them^^


It’s been 2 days since the accident happened. Many people are missing and so far there are 14 deaths. It scares me how history repeats itself. It’s just like the titanic and the fact that the people onboard thought that the ship won’t sink because it’s so huge. It scares me even more because I just got back from Jeju Island, where they were heading. On top of that, the thing that gives me goosebumps and unpleasant thoughts is that the students are the same grade and age as me. Right now, the only thing Korean news is showing on the tv are updates about the ship and the passengers. But as I was looking through the Internet, there were people complaining that they won’t get to see music shows and that they won’t get to see their “Oppa’s” comeback. Please get your fucking head straight. What’s more important right now? your “Oppa” who doesn’t know you exist, or almost 300 students? And today at school, my friends had a debate day about the ship and how they’re going to move it back to land. The guys from the class said, “Why move it when they’re already dead.” I literally felt like kicking them in the crotch. How can they be so heartless and unhopeful? They were just idiodic and stupid. And finally, I just want to say that God is watching over us and that we should pray for the lives of the ones who sacrificed, the ones who are missing, those who have been saved, and the parents and family of the missing and/or dead.