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still working on with my 2nd follow forever~^^ i have quite long list this time lol i’m excited asdfghjkl!~♥

no class for tomorrow due to heavy rain. i’ll be on tumblr for the whole day lol I hope for the safety of those living in the philippines~♥


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okay! hi there kawaii guys and girls lol~ so it’s been a very long time since I was nominated in a botm and now i’m back and i’m really hoping u guys to vote for me since i never won in a botm *creys* ;___; 

if u really love me and u think i deserve this~ pls vote ippeuni (for strawberilly and aiseu-tea’s botm) here and i will love u forever! TA me with ur vote # if u want any promo (except for ‘click on ads’). thank u so so so much guys! *hugs*

For those who are willing to help me give out promos pls msg me and i will appreciate it so much~♥